About the Institute for Quality Leadership

The Institute is one of the pioneer organizations in the country in the field of leadership development. It was established by Professor Micah Popper, Giora Ayalon and Dr Reuven Gal in 1991 and has since provided leadership development consultation and facilitation services to numerous organizations.

The Institute’s facilitators specialize in empowering managers of different levels to realize and perfect the impact they have in their managing role within their organization. We assist organizations in strengthening their leaders, thus enabling them to lead their organizations into the future, while coping with the challenges that arise.

The Institute for Quality Leadership is one of the most prominent organizations in the field of leadership research and development. In the past decade, the Institute has led comprehensive research for the U.S. military, dealing with leaders’ assessment, development and empowerment.

We believe in creating programs that are tailored to organizations’ needs. We are vastly experienced in building tailor made programs for personal development, organizational development and applied research in the fields of leadership and influence in the organization.

The Institute’s uniqueness is based on a combination of international academic research studies, advanced assessment tools and ongoing personal contact with the participating managers.

During the various processes we lead, we create laboratory conditions for participants to investigate themselves, to practice their influence in a group environment, and to lead authentically.

The programs create an opportunity for participants to discover their desire to lead. They also provide organizations with the opportunity to build a group of managers who will make a strong and significant impact on the organization.

Our Staff